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Spring Cleaning for the Body and Mind - My Yoga Essentials

Spring Cleaning for the Body and Mind

It’s a new season in many ways – Spring has officially begun, and the world as we know it is also undergoing a slow shift away from the dramatic life changes that began in 2020.

Many of us engage in some sort of spring cleaning for our homes during this time of year: sorting through our belongings, purging what we no longer need, and setting the stage for a fresh start. What we often overlook is doing the same for our bodies and minds.

Ready to do a little spring cleaning for the soul to meet this transition with a clean slate? Here are a few areas to consider. 

Start a Morning Ritual

The days are gradually getting longer. One way to start fresh each day is to begin with a morning ritual. This can be as simple as taking a short walk, journaling, meditating, or a few yoga poses. Your morning yoga practice at home doesn’t need to be complicated – grounding poses, stretches, or sun salutations will do wonders for starting your day on a positive note.

Get Some Vitamin D

Spring means more sun, warmer temperatures, and the perfect conditions to spend time outdoors. We’ve all spent more time indoors over the past year than ever – now is your opportunity to make a change. getting out for a daily walk or run or even stepping outside to breathe fresh air and feel the sun on your face is healthy for both your body and your mind

Break a Sweat in Your Yoga Practice

During the winter months, your yoga practice may have been slower as you hunkered down and your body responded to the shorter days and colder weather. As you emerge into spring, consider a more active yoga practice to energize your body and clear your mind. Heart openers, for instance, offer a multitude of benefits – including a boost of energy. heart opening yoga pose

Reconnect With Yourself

Part of the process of spring cleaning involves ridding yourself of material things that no longer serve you. What about negative thoughts, feelings, and patterns? Take time – whether through journaling, meditation, screen time breaks, or yoga – to get in touch with yourself and see if there is old energy in your life that you need to get rid of. 

As you create space in your mind, body, and life this spring, make sure you’re filling that space mindfully and creating a season of positive change. Our blog offers insight into a number of topics related to personal growth. You’ll also find tools to help facilitate your shifting yoga practice in our online store.
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