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Creating a Mindfulness Routine

One of the outcomes of a consistent yoga practice is increased mindfulness, or better self awareness and presence in ...

Turn it Upside Down - Inversions for Everybody

Here’s what every beginner yogi should know about inversions, their benefits, and examples of several that work – for everybody.

3 Restorative Yoga Poses for Renewal

Spring is a season of renewal – dormant plants come back to life, the days grow longer, and we as humans begin to emerge from our more restful, hunkered down winter states.

Spring Cleaning for the Body and Mind

Ready to do a little spring cleaning for the soul to meet this transition with a clean slate? Here are a few areas to consider. 

4 Reasons to Practice Heart Openers

Beyond the more philosophical reasons to practice heart openers, there are also four very tangible benefits to these poses: 

Yoga Poses for Grounding

As you settle in to 2021, do you still feel a little… unsettled? A new year doesn’t always come with a fresh start, or even a fresh perspective.  Read more about how to ground yourself in the present.

For 2021, Set Intentions – Not Resolutions

If you’d like to enhance your life in the new year, set intentions – not resolutions. Whatever your intention is for the new year, let it be something that helps you feel better – not feel worse about yourself for not sticking to a resolution. 

Self-Care Through the Holiday Season

Whether you’re dealing with isolation this holiday season or have plans to be with friends or family, remember to take care of yourself – body and mind.

Yoga Therapy Balls: The Recovery Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

We’ve all experienced aches, pains, and soreness that go beyond what can be remedied by stretching – or even taking a yoga class.   When these pains feel like more than just a twinge, there’s a natural solution: yoga therapy balls.  

Six Yoga Poses to do Daily for Strength

When we imagine Yoga, we probably think the Instagram world of poses, where we wonder whether its an Adobe-pose (or a...

Six Daily Yoga Poses for Improved Balance

Keeping our balance intact comes through lots of practice and repetition. All good things take time, so be gentle with yourself on this journey for balance.  

10 yoga poses to do daily for flexibility

Yoga is important for many reasons.  The physical benefits can be distilled down to flexibility, balance and strength.  The focus of this article is flexibility. Yoga however is not limited to its physical benefits...

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