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This New Year, Don’t ‘Let It Go’ – Let It Be

As we begin another new year and consider setting intentions for 2022, it’s easy to lean on the idea of letting go. While that idea isn’t wrong, perhaps it’s time to take a different spin for 2022. 

Feeling the Seasonal Blues? These 4 Yoga Poses Will Help

The days are getting shorter, the sun is setting earlier, and the temperatures are dropping. While for some, Fall is ...

Ayurveda 101: It’s Vata Season

Often referred to as the sister science of yoga, the direct translation of the Sanskrit word ayurveda is “knowledge o...

Stay Cool With These Breathing Practices

Breathing practices that can help cool you down – physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

4 Yoga Poses to Help You Fall Asleep

For many of us, sleep doesn’t come easily. Whether you have trouble winding down as a result of stress, a long day, o...

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Core – Without Crunches

There are many elements of a yoga practice that can help develop core strength. Here are a few that touch on not just the abdominals, but all the stabilizing muscles in your trunk.

3 Ways to Incorporate Yoga Blocks Into Your Practice

For most practitioners, blocks are the second investment made behind – you guessed it – a yoga mat.

3 Poses to Relieve Tech Neck

Even before remote work became the norm, tech neck has been an issue for anyone who spends time using digital devices.

Creating a Mindfulness Routine

One of the outcomes of a consistent yoga practice is increased mindfulness, or better self awareness and presence in ...

Turn it Upside Down - Inversions for Everybody

Here’s what every beginner yogi should know about inversions, their benefits, and examples of several that work – for everybody.

3 Restorative Yoga Poses for Renewal

Spring is a season of renewal – dormant plants come back to life, the days grow longer, and we as humans begin to emerge from our more restful, hunkered down winter states.

Spring Cleaning for the Body and Mind

Ready to do a little spring cleaning for the soul to meet this transition with a clean slate? Here are a few areas to consider. 
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