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Giving Back


Oceans are the ultimate givers of life on our blue planet.  Yet our activities often run counter to preserving and revitalizing this incredible habitat,  In 2024, My Yoga Essentials will donate a portion of all profits to in an effort to sustain their important work of protecting our marine environment.  Their work ranges from initiatives to reduce waste (plastic in particular) to global fishing/overfishing regulation and enforcement in order to sustainably feed our growing world population, and a multitude of actions in between.  See their list of victories in 2023! (or watch a short video presentation here)

Oceana is dedicated to protecting and restoring the world’s oceans on a global scale.  They strive to impact policy that governs how we interact with the ocean.  They state that their focus is on four main issues:  1. We are taking too many fish from certain parts of the ocean, threatening eco-systems and livelihoods.  2. We are polluting our oceans threatening marine wildlife, habitat, and human health.  3. We are squandering potential sources of food that could feed millions of people worldwide, and 4.  We are devastating marine wildlife and special places. Pollution and destructive and wasteful fishing practices threaten animals and damage the seafloor.

To honor our desire to support their efforts, we begin 2024 with a new apparel line that celebrates the beauty and diversity of marine life in our "Flow like Water" design line available here.


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