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Why Choose Organic & Wild Harvested Essential Oils - My Yoga Essentials

Why Choose Organic & Wild Harvested Essential Oils

Essential oils have exploded in popularity over the years, broadening to such a complex extent it can be difficult for most people to determine which oils are best. Some may be surprised how genuinely powerful these substances can be. The extent to which they can influence our health, mood, and wellbeing can be truly profound.  Organic or wild-harvested pure essential oils may seem like a simple concept, but there's a lot about them that's worth knowing. They're actually among the best choices for sustainability, potency, and safety. 

Understanding Essential Oils

Before we get into why wild harvested or organic essential oils are most beneficial, it's helpful to have a thorough understanding of what essential oils really are and how they work. In nature, there are two main purposes of essential oils in plants. The first is for protection, and the second is for attraction.


Plants are complex living things that have their own unique ways of dealing with predators and pests. Essential oils are actually created by the immune intelligence of plants. These defenses are embedded in the DNA of the plant itself, creating an essence that's used to ward away dangerous insects, as well as dangerous fungi and microbes. Because it's an immune response, essential oils can have a similar relationship to the health and wellbeing of humans as well. By interacting with our own immune intelligence, they're capable of reducing stress, aiding healing and improving our overall vitality and wellness. 


Using aroma to lure in pollinators is a major advantage of many essential oils. Without the help of birds, bees, butterflies, and other creatures, many plants would be nearly powerless to reproduce. Essential oils help be providing an alluring scent to draw pollinators in, similar to the way we might use cologne or perfume. In fact, some oils can greatly enhance the attractiveness of people simply through their pleasant scents. There are also emotional benefits to using natural fragrances like these which can offer an assortment of positive influences on mood and expression.  

Why Organic Essential Oils Are Important

Though there are many varieties of essential oils available to buy, wild harvested and organic oils are by far the most beneficial for a number of reasons. They're safer for the environment, ourselves, and they're more effective than oils that have been commercially farmed, diluted or manufactured with chemical additives. 

Sustainable Farming Practices

If you've ever wondered how many plants it takes to make a bottle of essential oil, the answer may surprise you. It takes more than 40,000 rose blossoms to create a single ounce of rose essential oil. That means it takes about sixty-seven roses to make just a single drop. As you can imagine, it takes an extensive amount of land to produce enough essential oil to meet demand. Sustainable, organic farming practices are simply the best way of yielding that much oil in a responsible, environmentally healthy way. Avoiding pesticides, herbicides, and other harsh chemicals can protect pollinating creatures, as well as the quality of our food, air, and bodily health.  

Higher Quality & Potency

The right essential oil can immediately induce a genuinely profound response in the human mind and body. The same immune intelligence that helps these plants protect themselves from danger (bacteria, fungus, other microbes...) is also responsible for the way these oils influence our own health. When pesticides and herbicides are introduced, plants tend to put less energy into their natural essence for defense. They're able to shift more energy into growth and flowering, creating higher yields and profits for farmers but also making their healing properties and aroma less powerful. Organic farming encourages plants to look after their own defenses, thus providing a much higher quality oil for human use. 

No Dangerous Chemicals

With most common essential oils, you're also getting a variety of harsh industrial chemicals, additives, and adulterants. When these oils are distilled and concentrated, so are the same chemicals used to treat the living plants. As a result, those toxins are passed along to others, often doing more harm than the essential oil itself does good. Non-organic products may be distilled using chemical processes, or may have additives or adulterants in them as well.  Organic essential oils avoid this problem, ensuring the health and purity of the oil so it can live up to a higher standard.

Why Choose Our Pure & Organic Essential Oils?

For any essential oil to be labeled "certified organic," they must be entirely free of industrial chemicals, synthetics, and adulterants at every stage of production. Many distributors use oil taken from plants that are grown using pesticides and herbicides, while many others also mix certain chemicals into the final product in order to dilute or extend them. These unfortunate practices are not required to be disclosed, meaning most uncertified oils likely contain substances that not only lessen their quality but may also be harmful to people and the environment. 

At My Yoga Essentials, our essential oils are NOP certified, as well as certified organic by the USDA and the ECOCERT. We believe in working with small, organic farms in an effort to create a better future for our health, the environment, and local economies. Forming a direct relationship with farmers and distilleries helps us ensure that we're providing the highest quality oils available. We hope you'll join us in supporting small-scale organic farmers and independent businesses from around the world. The superior results of pure, organic essential oils are well worth it!

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