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Lotus Cork and Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

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Our Cork and Natural Rubber yoga mats – not JUST a pretty face!

Cork is so earthy- it just makes me feel grounded.  These mats have great grip, both top and bottom, and seem to be the perfect partner for any style of yoga you practice - truly nature's anti-slip and anit-microbial solution.  We love these mats and are proud to offer durable and eco-friendly products. Our mats contain zero PVC’s or harmful chemicals and are 100% recyclable.  Read more about these sustainable mats below in "Product Information".

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About our designs:

Lotus features the central figure of our logo, the yogi nested in the lotus blossom, and reads “When I let go of what I am, I become what I may be” -Lao Tzu.  I paired this saying with the lotus, because the lotus flower blooms on the surface of water with its roots deep in the mud – a symbol of light and emergence from darkness.  The lotus blossom can also represent the heart opening.  Some compare the opening of the lotus flower petals to the unfolding of what is divine within you. It is a perfect reflection of new beginnings, purity and enlightenment. A closed bloom is the heart with its infinite potential for enlightenment, waiting to unfold.

Lao Tzu (his name means “old sage”) was a 6th century BC Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism, a philosophy that advocates living a simple life.  We believe life is a journey.  Mindfulness on the mat allows us to be present for ourselves and examine our choices and actions and perhaps pursue simplicity as a matter of course.

Product Information

We love these mats and are proud to offer durable and eco-friendly products.  They start with a base of natural rubber from the best Hevea rubber trees.  The rubber is collected (tapped) in a sustainable manner, not harming the trees and allowing them to mature and continue to produce the milky latex within the latex vessels in the bark.  While natural rubber (latex) may cause allergic reactions for some (Try our TPE mats as an alternative!), rubber is non-toxic, non-slip/skid, waterproof, stain resistant, durable, has excellent flexibility and cushioning, and is recyclable.  And because natural rubber is sticky when heated, our manufacturing process takes advantage of this physical feature to combine many types of surface layers WITHOUT the use of chemical adhesives. 

Our sustainable cork layer makes these mats even more durable and improves the comfort of the mat.  When cork dampens, a waxy substance is released (don’t worry, you won’t notice) increasing the grip of your mat.  The sweat produced by your activity level will not pool, but will be absorbed.  Cork is naturally antimicrobial, killing bacteria and germs.  It will not get smelly after repeated use and will dry quickly.

At 4.5 mm thick, our cork topped rubber mats have a bit of “give” for comfort but are dense enough to ground and stabilize you during your practice.  These mats roll out and stay flat-no bunching or curling.

Our mats contain zero PVC’s or harmful chemicals and are 100% recyclable.

Product Dimensions

183cm x 68cm x .45cm

Care Guide
  • Gently clean dirty areas with a damp towel, paying attention not to use too much water.  To remove stubborn stains, use a toothbrush and a small amount of diluted laundry detergent and gently work in a circular motion, then wipe away with a clean wet towel.
  • Do not expose it to the sun for extended periods of time.
  • Do not immerse or leave water pooling on the surface for extended periods of time.
  • When storing, roll with the cork surface facing out.
  • Do not keep mat close to a heat source for a long period of time to prevent rubber aging and adhesion.
  • Your cork rubber mat may initially have a little smell.  This is the smell of natural rubber, and is eco-friendly and non-toxic.  If you are sensitive, please lay the mat flat for a period of time before using.

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