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Super Grip Vegan Leather and Natural Rubber Yoga Mat - Elephant Noir

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Our natural rubber mat is bonded with a top layer of the highest quality PU* top, that has been laser engraved with our original design.  PU is super grippy for great security in all poses.  The rubber base is dense, for great stability and energy return while also providing comfortable cushioning. 

*Vegan Leather is also known as PU, an abbreviation of Polyurethane. It is an organic polymer material with excellent shock absorption, anti-skid performance, wear-resistant.  It is breathable, and absorbs sweat. The PU interlayer is infiltrated with anti-mold and anti-bacterial factors to combat sweat and water to inhibit bacteria and odor. There are many grades of PU. We utilize  an OEM factory of Liforme, currently the most durable PU available on the market.

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Our design features an elephant over a whimsical deco style lotus bloom.

185x68 cm, 4.5 mm thick

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