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COVID-19 Additional Information

Updated 2/1/2021

These are without a doubt, unprecedented times. We are still hard at work to bring you the quality products we know you love. We are experiencing some shipping delays to some product categories due to new/renewed production lockdowns paired with the usual holiday increase in demand.

The following is a breakdown of the temporary delays we are experiencing due to the current pandemic. This breakdown is intended to be used as an expectations guide and actual results may differ (in most cases for the better).  As always, if you would like further information or have any unanswered questions, please contact us here and we will be glad to help you.  For some categories, it may be possible to expedite shipping at your expense.

For Yoga Mats, Wheels, Blocks, Bundles, Yoga Mat Bags, Plant Essences & JewelryWe ship these items the same day or first thing the following day. Delivery should be just under 1 week from order date.

For Sports Bras, Leggings, Tank Tops and T-Shirts: Production is currently running at 2-7 business days. Product shipments are running at 3-5 days, with some exceptions, up to an additional 10 business days.  With the holidays behind us, this is improving daily.

For Canvas Art:  Production is between 5 and 9 business days plus shipping from our US based production facilities. 

For Shoes, Dresses, Hoodies and Hoodie Dresses: The production times for these clothing items have been between 7 to 10 business days. The largest issue with these products has been getting them shipped back into the US. This process for some has been reasonably quick - 3 to 4 business days as we are paying for expedited shipping. For others this has taken substantially longer (20 to 25 business days) due primarily to the shortage of planes that may transport non-medical necessities.  

If you are concerned about specific delivery windows, or ever have any questions, you can always reach us via the live chat on our website, via email or get a callback here. We will be happy to answer all of your questions so you are never left in the dark wondering what is happening with your order. As usual, all orders are covered by our 100% money back guarantee. Stay safe friends, help those who need it and we will make it through this together!

If you would like further information or have any unanswered questions, please contact us here and we will be glad to help you.

If you would like to learn more about our special shopping incentives at My Yoga Essentials click here.

Stay safe, continue to help those who need it, and we will get through this together!

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