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Cork Yoga Wheel

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Enhance your strength, mobility, balance and flexibility with this versatile yoga prop.  Also excellent for releasing muscle tension.

  • Made of strong ABS plastic-weight bearing 275 lbs.
  • 13" circumference, 5.5" wide
  • Topped with thick TPE and sustainably harvested cork (depending on design).  Both are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, recyclable and fight odor and bacteria.
  • Materials combine for maximum comfort AND support.  Feel secure in poses as this strong, durable prop provides good traction and grip even during a sweaty workout.
I like this prop because it aids my practice in so many ways.  It assists me in learning new poses, allows me to deepen poses while feeling supported and safe, provides a base of support for both core and balance exercises and gives me access to stretches that open my back, chest, shoulders and hips.  See a short video tutorial and exercise guide here.

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